Biltong and Droewors Sunshine Coast

Two traditional South African snacks that you'll find everywhere in South Africa.


Spicy Biltong Sticks

Biltong is by far our most popular product; to our regular Sunshine Coast customers and the many travellers who slip off the Bruce Highway to grab a bag for the road. Word of our biltong’s reputation has obviously spread far and wide – we see travellers from south of the Gold Coast and as far north as Bundaberg.

Our biltong is made with the finest quality beef, seasoned in many ways to suit a variety of palates. Choose your own piece of whole biltong and have us slice it for you or select from our convenient pre-sliced biltong or chunks. Choose your consistency – wet, medium or dry; lean or fatty; prepared with your favourite seasoning. Our seasonings include chilli, BBQ, sweet chilli, honey soy and many more. We truly have something to appeal to everybody.

Biltong is air-dried meat, preserved using a mixture of salt, spices and vinegar. The drying process and the salt, spices and vinegar cure the meat as well as adding flavour and texture. The name comes from the words “BIL” meaning meat (or buttock) and ‘TONG” meaning strip. So, it is just a strip of meat  that has been dried. Biltong has a rich inheritance from pioneering South Africans who used the technique to preserve meat before the advent of refrigeration. We are proud to bring this tradition all the way to the Sunshine Coast.


Droewors or Dry Wors

This is boerewors, dried or cured in a similar way to biltong. It is delicious and is fast becoming a favourite for our customers.

Droëwors is dried boerewors ("dry sausage") and is eaten as a snack.  Pick up a small bag from Crunch as eat it while enjoying a beer or wine.  It's the perfect compliment.

Bilton and Dry Wors in Cabinet at Cruncg

Fill a bag of your favourites or select your biltong from the cabinet and we'll shave it for you.

Biltong Cabinet at Crunch Forest Glen