We stock the widest range of South African groceries in Queensland and our customers tell us they travel for miles around just to stock up on their ‘must have’ brands.

We aim for a high quality of produce and have a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Groceries on Shelves at Crunch Forest Glen

We Stock All Your Favourites

Mrs Balls Chutney

Pecks Anchovette

Pecks Anchovie Paste

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea

Fanta Grape

Jungle Oats

Jungle Oats

Our most popular breakfast brands are Pronutro, Jungle Oats, Iwisa Maize and Maizena. Our most popular spreads are Lekker bek jams, Black Cat peanut butter, Bovril, Pecks Anchovette,

For sauces you can’t go past Mrs Ball’s Chutney, Cross and Blackwell Mayonnaise, All Gold tomato sauce, Atchar and for seasonings try Aromat, Bobotie spices, curry spices, brown onion soup and white onion soup.

Drinks include Oros, Fanta Grape, Sparletta Creamsoda, Mazoe, Iron Brew, Peartizer, Ceres Fruit Juices, Roses Passionfruit cordial, Roses Kola Tonic, Game Isotonic sports drink, Rooibos Tea, Ricoffy, Tanganda Tea, Five Roses Tea and Frisco coffee and more.

Other favourite brands include pickled fish, Glenryck pilchards, Safari Fruit rolls, canned guavas, peppermint crisp chocolates, Chocolate Logs, Fizzers, Maynards Original wine gums, Jelly Tots, Wilson toffees, Eat Sum Mor biscuits, Bakers Zoo biscuits, Lemon Cream biscuits, Romany cream biscuits and many more.